Parco Arti Musicali

Parco delle Arti Musicali “Torri Montanare” was founded in August 2011 as the main meeting and rehearsal place for music in Lanciano. Currently it hosts Associazione "Amici della Musica" FEDELE FENAROLI, a no-profit cultural and educative organization which hosts annually the Estate Musicale Frentana Festival. Parco delle Arti Musicali is located in the center of the city, inside the old walls, in Largo dell'Appello n. 2, Lanciano (CH) Italy. The building consist in a restaured medieval chioster, which is part of the astonishing Torri Montanare (mountain towers) complex. Associazione "Amici della Musica" FEDELE FENAROLI’s Presidential Office and Administration Office are located at the ground floor of the building. At the second floor are rehearsal and meeting rooms, a recording room and a library. Parco Delle Arti Musicali inaugural ceremony Parco delle Arti Musicali “Torri Montanare” - GALLERY Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa