Salle Outreach Project

Lanciano International Guitar Seminar is proud to introduce the Salle Outreach Project, an unique educational and cultural adventure into the exclusive world of the history of musical instrument string making. The event will be held on August 6 at the Museum of Strings and at the Castle of Salle.
The town of Salle, in the heart of Abruzzo region, is renowned worldwide for being one of the exclusive Italian lands where the art of string making was born during the Medieval time. The newly-founded Museum of Strings, Museo delle Corde Armoniche, tells the incredible history of some distinguished families that began their enterprises in their native Salle many hundreds of years ago, then exported their expertise and tradition abroad: among them the USA-based D'Addario and La Bella successful brands.
Read about the D'Addario Brand History, from Salle to New York.
Read about the La Bella Brand History, from Salle and Lanciano to New York.
The Salle Outreach Project offers an exclusive opportunity to visit the Museum and the beautiful Castle of Salle. Activities will include concert performance, discussion, and educational enrichment program, supporting the efforts of the string museum.
August 2, 2017:
Museum of Strings Discover the Museum and learn about the history of string making (educational event)
Castle of Salle Music at the Castle (concert) salle_group IMG_1438     IMG_1449 IMG_1452    IMG_1456 Concert at the Castle of Salle, August 2014         Salle14 Salle4    Salle3 Salle7                        IMG_0815Salle9   Salle8   Made possible by the support of our event sponsors: D'Addario Foundation LaBella Strings Thank you to ISMEZ Institute for the musical development of Southern Italy. Salva Salva Salva